Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)

List of Industries Where Jingle InfoSolutions Pvt. Ltd. Successfully Implemented ERP

Garment Industries
Yarn Dyeing
Fabric Dyeing (Woven Fabric/Knitting Fabric)
Knitting Fabric
Woven Fabric
Leather garment Industries
Rice Mill
POY TO texrising and twisting Process Mill
Woven Elastic Mill
Warp Knitting Elastic Mill
Printing Mill
General ERP


TexAms ERP for textile Industries can be downloaded for free, but we will never claim that deploying an ERP can be done for free. It requires services from TexAms and our partners TexAms ERP is a monthly fee which allows our customers to use the Software in a SaaS mode. Payments Required for any kind of online or Offline and Onsite support. Onsite and online Support an annual fee that provides bug fixing, security alerts and migration services for customers who wish to deploy the software on their premise.


Apparel TexAms ERP solutions is a that automates the entire operations of the garment manufacturing process with seamless integration at all levels and web enabled. Today, Apparel TexAms ERP solutions is being used as a vital management tool in the manufacturing outlets of apparel (Knitted , Woven & leather). Apparel TexAms ERP solutions is designed from the industry experts guidelines and it is scalable to small, medium and larger corporate's with multi company and multi user options. The product has all built in functions to cater to the mid sized and higher end markets with easy customizable options to fit in to their specific needs.


Textile Enterprise Management software for organizing data and making internal procedures more reliable. The textile industry is basically concerned with the design or manufacture of clothing as well as the distribution and use of textiles. The textile industries have been changed extremely in the last few years. Role of TexAms ERP is very important in textile industries.

ERP is Software for running a business; TexAms ERP can customize according to clients requirements. Enterprise Resource Planning software was struck as an extension of the concept of MRP (manufacturing resource planning) software and this TexAms ERP software automates the process of holding a manufacturing line supplied with materials to meet incoming all orders.

TexAms ERP software is basically for the following applications:
Manufacturing, financials, human resources (hr) and some other modules.

TexAms ERP software is the latest high-end solution information technology has lent to business application.
ERP refers to the integration and extension of a business's operational Information Technology systems, with the end goals of making information flow within a company more immediate and dynamic.

Modules of Apparel TexAms ERP solutions :

1. Admin Module:

  • User Master
  • User Authorization
  • Company master
  • Branch Master
  • Department Master
  • Financial year master
  • Discount/Tax master (Rate Component)

2 : General Inventory:

  • Material Indenting
  • Material Indent Approval
  • Material Purchase Order
  • Material Inward Entry (Gate IN)
  • Material GRN ( Good Receipts Note)
  • Material Q.C
  • Material Purchase Return
  • Material outward Entry (GATE OUT)
  • Material Issue
  • Item Master
  • Party Master
  • P.O Approval
  • G.R.N Approval
  • Reports : Various Types Of Reports

3 : Production Planning:

  • Sample master
  • Design master (Final Finish Goods)
  • Fabric master
  • Fabric process Master
  • Production Stages Master
  • Product Accessories Master
  • Packing master
  • Buyer master
  • Consigning master
  • Label master
  • Cost Sheet
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Order process


  • Time and Analysis Entry for sales order
  • B.O.M (Bill of material)
  • Purchase order Fabric
  • Purchase order Product Accessories
  • Purchase order Packing
  • Purchase order semi finish goods
  • Gate Entry
  • Fabric GRN
  • Product Accessories GRN
  • Packing material GRN
  • Semi finish Goods GRN
  • Label GRN
  • Q.C Fabric
  • Fabric Return
  • Product Accessories Return
  • Packing Material Return
  • Label Return
  • Semi Finish Goods Return
  • P.O Approval
  • Stock Entry
  • Job order creation
  • Challan Issue
  • Job Order Receive
  • Challan for Return
  • Stock Entry for Finish Goods
  • Packing for final Shipment
  • Invoicing

4. Finance:

5. Reports: General Report and customize Report

6. HRMS: Human Resource Management Solutions